List of Publications

Perspective: Encourage Affordable Housing through Community Investor Crowdfunding Rules

CrowdfundInsiderJune 2020,

Affordable Housing Battles in the Backyard

Washington Square News, April 2016,

States can Make Fantasy Sports Safe and Profitable,

Washington Square News, September 2016,

Density Bonuses Promotes Sustainable Housing Affordability,

Washington Square News, March 2016,

Debate Participants Shouldn’t Choose the Participants,

Washington Square News, March 2016,


A Proposal for Homeownership & Community Wealth-Building through a new type of Co-Op Housing, January 2021

Surrealism’s Freudian Foundation, May 2017

Gino Severini’s Dynamic Hieroglyphic of the Bal Tabarin, February 2017

The Original Battle over Hetch Hetchy, March 2012